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late night doodle: seragaki smooches ( ˘ ³˘)♥


ドラマダ いろいろ by しげ爺

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☣—..After a day full of fist fights and killing colterons the fighter could finally grab something to eat and sit down for a bit before having to repeat the cycle all over again.Walking over too the machine that dispensed borscht the fighter grabbed a tin bowl and pulled the silver lever and….nothing came out. This seemed to happen too the raven alot and well it pissed him off.So pulling up the lever a couple more times and having no results the fighter got fed up and started beating on the thing not really caring about the person waiting behind him for their share of food.


☣—..”I swear this goddamn piece of shit will be the end of me I just want my fuckin soup!”

                「"Y’know, I doubt beating on it’s gonna help." Aoba walks by with bacon between his lips, lightly munching on it as he observes the man beating the machine. “Must be pretty hungry.” Maybe he was the type to become grumpy and irritable when not fed. Either way, it’s best to get this guy something to fill his stomach. “I’ve got something if y’ want it. Earth food. The good stuff.” And possibly the unhealthy stuff, but it definitely did wonders on his taste buds compared to that soup.」

All_i_want_is_u 「Abusive AU」



            Vanitas didn’t feel like himself. It felt wrong to do this to Aoba, but then again… he felt some relief wash over him as well. It was hard to decide if this was good or bad. As he watched his husband scream for him to stop, head nearly underwater he snapped out of it. His eyes widened and he pushed himself away from Aoba.

            He lost it… something he thought he’d never do in front of him. He’d laid his hands on him and nearly killed him. He looked at his hands and then to Aoba, fear in his face before he reached out towards him. Pulling him close and whispering so many apologies to him. Kissing his head and holding him gently. ❝Let’s just go to bed, okay…

              「Aoba lifts himself from the water coughing out what had got into his mouth. His body shook, fingers trembling even as he’s brought into a hug. Aoba’s damp hair sticks to his face as he’s held and kissed. His eyes were bright with fear just as they were weeks before during the incident on tour. He’s so afraid now for more reasons than one. 'He knows. He knows about the kiss.' And if he’d acted rashly then, if Aoba told him the truth, he may only think that it was his fault. There was no proof of it happening after all.」

                「No words were said. Aoba pushed his hand out, pushing Vanitas away to get out from the tub. He grabbed his towel and instead of drying his body first he dries his face as tears start to form. He didn’t want to fight. He didn’t want Van to be angry and hostile. He didn’t want that memory of Riku forcing him down and he didn’t want to talk to Van anymore. The one man he thought he could trust he’s grown afraid of not simply because he just tried to drown him, but because he believed a source of media before asking him about it first. Would it even matter what he said? Would he even believe him? Is this what their marriage has come down to?」

                「Aoba dries his body and damp hair as best as he could before throwing on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. His hair is still damp, yet he pay it little mind and quickly goes back into the living room without a word to Van. He comes back into the bedroom about three minutes later with a separate blanket. He didn’t mind sleeping together, he just didn’t feel right touching his husband right now. Hopefully, this gave him the message.」



          { ☣ }; This was a bit too much for Mizuki, and he knows how to deal with large crowds and clutter. Just not…. middle aged women with shopping carts, ready to run over the next person that gets in their way. He’s got his ankle clipped by a cart at least three times already. He wasn’t liking this human shield thing, and he was ready to punch the next person who touched him. Yet, we all know you shouldn’t punch old ladies. 


                 Watching as Aoba just stole pork from a poor women, he couldn’t help but to burst out with laughter just at the way he delivered it. "Yoinks? Yoinks, Aoba? Really?" Okay, maybe this was a little fun, as he was dragged away to the next aisle. 

              「The two are through grocery shopping after what felt like three hours of battle and they’re on their way back to Mizuki’s place with bags in hand. Mizuki’s actually been forced to carry most of them as Aoba said his own arm’s gone sore from running around with a heavy basket. He’s just glad it’s over with. "From now on, we shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays right after work and pray there’s no crowd."



Having been immersed in the metal slapping against the wood pressed down underneath his hands, Noiz observes as the vegetable is being cut up into several vertical pieces. Unsure of where to place them, he vacates the pepper there atop the cutting board before turning his torso and roaming in the direction of where Aoba had placed the bread.


As his hands reach to warm up the oven, he turns the knob to a good 350°F and prepares to toss the loaf only to realize that he is bleeding. Turning to glance over his shoulder to make sure Aoba isn’t take notice of his actions, the Rhymer wipes his injured digit against the dark fabric of his slacks and shrugs. “You don’t need to do that.

               「"Well we can’t exactly eat with dirty dishes. I mean, you’ve got paper plates, cups, and utensils now so maybe this really is unnessessary, but when there’s mold building up in the sink from food left on plates, that’s when you know it’s time to scrub…" He’d turned around, showing the moldy plate and a cup with an unidentifiable liquid inside. It really stunk and you didn’t have to smell to be able to tell that much. Just look at poor Aoba’s suffering face. His nose scrunches up, holding the plate out for Noiz to smell.」

                「The idea was to tease him a little with the disgusting smell, but when he’d seen blood forming on the fingers, the dishes were put back into the sink and his hands were washes before reaching out to grab hold of the injured hand. "You weren’t planning on leaving it like this, were you? I know you can’t really feel anything, but if it were to get infected, it wouldn’t just be the outside that gets hurt." He wasn’t about to give a health lesson. "Can I treat it for you?" He’s not taking no for an answer.」




So far it was going well compared to previous bath time experiences with Aoba. He hadn’t paid much mind to where the sponge was going or his strength with it, rather than focusing on soaking and dabbing here and there around the contour of Aoba’s frame first. However, Aoba suddenly drawing away brought Trip’s hand to a pause and his eyes up from his body in search for those pale ones for an answers to this behavior. He couldn’t have been embarrassed by this. There just always had to be something when it came giving him a bath. Despite his plea, Trip snorted at his words, his occupied hand continued to draw down his backside and chest with the sponge, other hand tugging the Azure back into his previous position with an abrupt force.

His patience was beyond the Azure’s reluctance to be bathed at this point. He couldn’t even spare time for them to simply soak in the warmth around them. “Behave, Aoba. It will be over soon.” Trip warned in his usual comforting tone for him. Releasing his arm, he maneurvered him around and took hold of one of his legs this time, raising knee to foot from the water causing him to fall further against his chest. He began to wipe down to where it broke through the surface of the water and beyond, then back up to where his ankle dangled above. “I’m going to wash your hair next.” Trip informed as he set his leg down and went to repeat his actions for the other. 

          「Aoba gasps, body tensing as he’s pulled back. He almost wants to cry and throw a fit because he couldn’t have it his way, but instead he settles for a pout. He leans against Trip, back to chest while he sponges off the remaining places. When he mentions his hair, he flails about, ready to jump from the waters. Yet he knew nothing good would come of that. His muscles go tense and hands ball into fists.」

          「“N-No…” he whines, squirming in places like a child. He turns to Trip with a look of apology on his face. The look slowly turns into a stare, his eyes absorbed into cyan blue hues. It was then that Aoba came up with the plan to distract Trip. He hasn’t been very experienced in coming onto these two because it hardly ever happens unless Aoba was simply raging horny and is refused release in which his mind is in a drunken haze of pleasure. Right now, Aoba was in a fearful state of mind.」

          「However, through that sponging and touching, Aoba does tend to grow aroused. This was the rare occassion that Aoba decided himself that he’d show Trip that. Guiding Trip’s hand up his body and back down into the water between his legs, Aoba spreads open his thighs as he leans in to kiss Trip’s lips lightly three times in hopes that he’d kiss back.」



      “It’s like all of you huddle up together on five-star-hill.” he said, taking the time to inspect their surroundings; the lights and of course that famous singer he’d heard of but never expected to see live. It wasn’t his kind of music, but he knew one of his housemates would freak if she got in on this. Turned on his heel, Levi followed after Aoba so he wouldn’t get lost in the masses. 


      “Tch, doubt people will approach me. I’m just some commoner with no status.” Still, it was an honor to be among people who were known for what they did. Seems his boldness had paid off. “If they have Sweet and sour Cherry sparklers then I’ll have one of those.” For someone who didn’t go out too much, he knew far too many alcoholic drinks- sweet ones, mind you.

          「"Mmm. Sounds tasty. I think I’ll have one too." He called the bartender down and placed an order for a bowl of seasalt chips, wings, and two glasses of sweet and sour cherry sparklers. Aoba turns to glance at Levi, a smile stretching across his lips. "You may think you’re unknown, but you’re with me. You probably haven’t noticed, but I’m pretty sure you’ve got three women looking in your direction right now. Not just any women, by the way."

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